male. This check is employed to trace the Y chromosom


Here I will tell you three main types of DNA tests.

An Autosomal DNA Test

It can be taken by males or females and can offer you an ethnicity estimate. And the first cousin matches inside con cerning five to six generations on each of your mother’s and father’s sides of the family.

This is often a comparatively inexpe nsive take a look at, sometimes between $49 and $99 USD. It’s generally this kind of test you see advertised on TV commercials and in magazines.

The YDNA Test

It can solely be taken by a male. This check is employed to trace the Y chromosome passed from father to son over the generations. It reaches farther back than simply five or six generations.

The YDNA test can offer you together with your paternal haplogroup, ethnicity, relative matches, and last name history. If a father is in question, this might be honest take a look at for you. The kindred DNA is that the sole company providing this kind of take a look at.

The mtDNA Test                 


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